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Culinary School Near Pleasant Grove, UT

Welcome to the world of gourmet food! At our culinary school near Pleasant Grove, UT, we are here to provide an immersive learning with food. Palette pleasers and the finest faire should not be restricted to restaurants with four stars or three dollar signs. Our goal is to make the best food (and the ability to craft it) available to anyone who is interested. If you have dreams of being a better cook or simply like good food, take a look at what Salt Lake Culinary Education has to offer.

From Our Table to Yours Culinary School Near Pleasant Grove, UT

One of the difficulties of finding good food is its accessibility. With the explosion of food chains across the world, fast faire seems to be dominating the market. However, if you want to recruit someone else to make food for your event, our culinary school near Pleasant Grove, UT offers commodious catering services. We will develop a menu with you before the event ever takes place so you can be sure to give your guests the best experience possible.

The bulk of what we do, for we are a culinary school near Pleasant Grove, UT, is offer professional culinary learning. We have two major systems in place to do so: a professional cooking course and various cooking classes. Our cooking course is a 12-week program which gives our students all the tools and skills they will need to go into the professional culinary world, including networking opportunities with local professionals. 

The themed cooking classes we provide at our culinary school near Pleasant Grove, UT are not as much of a commitment, yet they still provide a fun and educational night out. These cooking and baking classes are offered individually with subjects that change every month. Participants can learn to craft artisan breads, succulent steaks, or perfectly powdered beignets.  

An Experience Unlike Any Other

If you are looking for something different for your upcoming event, whether it be a company retreat or a family reunion, we have got just the thing. We rent out our kitchen for events. Imagine the surprise and interest you’re sure to invoke when you announce you want to host your bridal shower in a professional kitchen where all the guests can learn something new!

Our culinary school provides many kinds of culinary educational and catering opportunities: 

  • Private Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Reception and Rentals
  • Competitions 
  • Online Cooking Classes

For cooking classes or catering services at your next event, give us a call today.

Culinary School Near Pleasant Grove, UT 

Pleasant Grove, UT, located in Utah county, is one of only a few of Utah’s cities with a nickname. “Utah’s City of Trees” is a beautiful spot ideal for raising a family. This is borne out by the 2020 census, which measured a population of 37,726, with nearly 60% of the households having children under 18. This is a far cry from the 623 people that called the area home when the town was incorporated in 1855.

Culinary School Near Pleasant Grove, UT

Every year, locals celebrate Pleasant Grove’s Strawberry Days, Utah’s second oldest community harvest festival. The first Strawberry Days was held in June 1922, when strawberry farming was a source of the city’s revenue. Though strawberry farming is no longer a staple of the community’s economic success, the celebration is still a well-loved part of the summer. Two of the original draws to the festivities—a parade and strawberries and cream for dessert—remain an annual tradition.

For those who love wizards and elves, Pleasant Grove is home to Evermore Park, a fantasy adventure theme park. The park is an interactive and innovative combination of renaissance fairs and choose-your-own-adventure books. Notably missing any traditional “rides,” Evermore has a goal to create an immersive fantasy experience where guests can travel around the park completing quests, eating themed food, competing in archery and ax throwing, and riding the Evermore Express.

For those looking for something only a little more grounded in reality, the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center is an educational facility geared towards teaching kids about astronomy and social studies. The 4,000-square-foot facility, named in honor of Christa McAuliffe, an educator who was killed in the disaster of the Space Shuttle Challenger, offers several space flight simulators to provide a real-to-life foray into space. Each simulator is a replica of a starship from Star Trek. In the last few years, the center got an entirely new building with an added planetarium to improve visitor experience.

Why Choose Salt Lake Culinary Education? 

We know that residents of Pleasant Grove value experiencing things first-hand, which is why our culinary school near Pleasant Grove, UT provides access to the world of fine food at every level of the process. From catering to becoming a professional chef, you can find what you are looking for at Salt Lake Culinary Education.

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