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Best Professional Culinary Courses in Utah: Why Join Our Accelerated Certification Program

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Interested in working in a restaurant kitchen? Or do you love cooking for your family at home, but want to level up your culinary skills? We want you to register for one of our Professional Culinary Courses at Salt Lake Culinary Education!

We’re Utah’s best culinary institute that offers accelerated professional courses at our contemporary facility in Salt Lake City. Here you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to elevate your cooking game in a matter of weeks, whether it’s to enter the culinary industry, or transform your home cooking skills.

In this guide we’ll explore the benefits of choosing Salt Lake Culinary Education for professional culinary courses in SLC. We’ll also break down the costs and financing options for our programs, how long the courses will take, and what makes SLICE different from the other local, national and online options out there.

Why choose SLICE for your professional culinary education in Salt Lake?

We offer two American Culinary Federation (ACF) approved accelerated programs which are specifically designed to fast track your career in the culinary industry:

Accelerated Professional Culinary Program

This is a 12-week intensive program that will teach you kitchen management, the art and science of cooking, and skills in culinary, baking, and pastry arts.

You’ll start by learning the basic culinary principles including food safety and sanitation,  mise en place, knife skills, then work towards more advanced techniques in nutritional cooking, international cuisine, menu development,  and kitchen organization.

Our Accelerated Professional Culinary Program in Salt Lake City includes 300+ hours of lecture, demonstration, and culinary lab time.  Optional Internship hours are also available.

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Accelerated Professional Baking & Pastry Program

Interested in baking and pastry? This accelerated program is 6 weeks long, and focuses on industry standard competencies around food safety and sanitation, management, and nutrition.

You’ll learn both basic and advanced pastry and baking skills with breads, pies, cakes, tarts, pastries and sugar work, and business related topics.

This shorter baking-specific program includes 180+ hours of lecture, demonstration, and culinary lab time.  Optional Internship hours are also available.

Both of these professional culinary programs in Salt Lake are taught by certified chef instructors, and offer extracurricular opportunities to supplement and enhance what you learn.

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How much is culinary school in Utah?

SLICE has the most affordable, nationally recognized American Culinary Federation certificate programs in Utah!

Tuition for our 12-Week Accelerated Professional Certificate in the Culinary Arts is $9,800. This includes in-person training, an e-book, chef coat and pants, knives, and the exam fees. We can also help you explore financing options including layaway, loans and 3rd party programs.

How do I become a chef in Utah?

This is a question that we hear quite often. Our culinary arts courses give students a professional level culinary education in the shortest time possible.

When you attend professional culinary school at Salt Lake Culinary Education, you’ll work towards an ACF certificate. This is a standard of professional competency and is a nationally recognized certificate.

We offer our professional culinary institute students the opportunity to acquire the  or the ACF CFC® – Certified Fundamentals Cook® , the ACF CFPC® – Certified Fundamentals Pastry Cook .

You’ll receive an in-person education with practical experience in our contemporary kitchens.

At SLICE, we believe in the power of hands-on learning and individualized instruction. During our programs, you’ll have the opportunity to work with local food purveyors, build relationships with industry professionals, and gain real-world experience that will set you apart in the culinary field.

“My experience in the 12-week institute has been wonderful. My skills and culinary knowledge have been taken to a higher level. Each Chef brought an interesting twist to the curriculum, and their knowledge base and familiarity with the ingredients and recipes were apparent in their teachings.”

– Jessica Kozian

What can I expect when going to culinary school in Salt Lake?

We promise that at Salt Lake Culinary Education, you’ll never feel like just a number. With small class sizes and individualized instruction, you’ll get that personalized attention and guidance that will help you make the most of your culinary experience. This way you can ask questions and receive the support you need to excel.

So are you ready to turn your passion for food into a career? Or think it’s time to level up your culinary skills for entertaining family and friends? Apply for professional culinary arts course in Salt Lake City at SLICE!

Our accelerated programs, experienced chef instructors and contemporary facility right in the heart of Salt Lake City are the perfect place to help you master the culinary techniques and reach your goals.

To get started, take the first step and submit your application for professional culinary training here.

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