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Salt Lake City, UT

Looking to join the best culinary school in Utah? Our professional culinary school, Salt Lake Culinary Education, also known as SLICE, will help you no matter what kind of chef you want to become. We have many options to choose from to get you started.

Application to culinary school Slice UT

Our professional course is an accelerated 12 week in-person education. Hands on is the best way to learn with our teachers giving you a one-on-one learning experience. Your tuition includes one “On Cooking” textbook, unlimited access to the SLICE online video library of Cooking Tutorials and Recipes 2 branded chef coats, 2 pair of kitchen pants, 1 chef’s kitchen beanie, Wusthof Knives including a chef knife, a serrated knife, a boning knife, and a paring knife.  Also included are kitchen shears, a Thermoworks instant read thermometer, bench scraper and a honing steal, all stored in a heavy duty canvas carrying case (knife roll)

Our admissions requirements start with a High School Diploma or GED, Food Handler’s Permit, 2 letters of recommendation, an interview with SLICE directors.  The first step is completing the on-line application along with payment of the $60 non-refundable application fee. This will get you started into our programs for culinary education.  

With the education we offer through our professional course, you will learn:

  • concepts of recipe development
  • menu creation strategies
  • pricing systems and kitchen profitability
  • kitchen organization and management
  • industry networking and relationship building skills
  • fully comprehensive culinary arts, baking and pastry

Did you know that at Salt Lake Culinary Education (SLICE), we are 1 out of 5 culinary schools in the nation that has an accelerated culinary arts program approved by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF or ACF)? SLICE is the only accelerated professional culinary program in Utah approved by the ACFEF. The ACFEF was established in 1929 and is the primary professional chefs’ organization in North America. They have more than 14,000 members in over 170 chapters nationwide. That’s a lot of people to decide the best schools in the nation. Having been approved by the ACFEF, each student completing our programs carry more credibility than just a certificate from a local culinary institute. We offer our professional culinary institute students the opportunity to obtain the ACF CC – Certified Culinarian certification or the ACF CFC – Certified Fundamentals Cook Certificate.

The ACF CC –Certified Culinarian® 

A certificate for a culinary professional from an accredited culinary program. Each student will have reached a criterion of knowledge, skills and culinary experience. This is a 90-hour program that is included with the education you will receive here at Salt Lake Culinary Education.  

The ACF CFC – Certified Fundamentals Cook® 

A beginner certification that gives the student the ability to prove they have obtained the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level food service employment. Once the student earns their certificate, they are eligible to use the ACF progression to raise their skills and build a journey for their career goals. This is a 60-hour program that is included with the education you will receive here at Salt Lake Culinary Education.  

Salt Lake Culinary Education Salt Lake City Utah cooking classes

Whether you want to work for a 5-star restaurant, food truck, write a cookbook or just show off your skills to family and friends, there are countless opportunities to use your culinary expertise after you graduate from the best accelerated culinary school in Utah. There is a shortage of qualified culinary artists in Utah. We’re approached each week by potential employers who are looking for those experienced and proficient. To date, every professional culinary institute graduate who wanted a culinary position received an offer of employment.

At SLICE, our professional certification in the culinary arts program is $9,800. It includes all the equipment, materials, books, knives, knife roll, and uniforms we mentioned earlier in this article. We also offer multiple finance assistance with our financial aid programs. You can have any of your questions answered to help you get started, by emailing our admissions office at today.   Schedule your facility tour today and sit down with our Admissions director to explore the various options available to you as you enroll at SLICE. We look forward to hearing from our future culinary artists!

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Your health and safety are extremely important to us.

We are taking every precaution to ensure a safe and sanitary kitchen and classroom environment. We regularly clean and disinfect our facility throughout the day and class sizes are currently limited to practice proper distancing. All staff is required to wear a face mask. We are doing everything we can to keep our guests and SLICE team safe, and are asking for your help with these additional precautions:

  • Upon arrival, you will sign in and have your temperature taken at the front desk. Any guests with a temperature over 100 degrees will be asked to go home.
  • You will be required to wear a face mask and gloves during the prep and cooking segments of class. You will be allowed to remove your face mask once you are seated at a dining table.
  • Please wash your hands upon arrival and after touching your phone, your face, door handles, and other surfaces outside of the kitchen.