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Culinary School Near Kearns, UT

Culinary School Near Kearns, UT

As the weather starts to warm up, people generally start to feel a stir to start something new. This often manifests as spring cleaning, but starting new projects around the house or taking up a new hobby is also common. For those looking for a new skill that benefits everyone, consider Salt Lake Culinary Education’s culinary school near Kearns, UT. 

A Range of Interest Culinary School Near Kearns, UT

Food is one universal love that unites us all. We all need it, and it provides pleasure no matter what your walk of life. That being said, everyone has different interest levels in how food is prepared. Some people love being able to show up to food that is already prepared, while others love the process of crafting culinary creations. No matter where you fall on this continuum, Salt Lake Culinary Education has something for you.

For those with dreams of professional culinary careers, we recommend our professional cooking course. The program is 12 weeks long, and graduates walk away with a nationally recognized certification, professional connections in the industry, and invaluable skills in the kitchen. At the end of the program, students will be qualified to work in any professional kitchen in the country.

If cooking is more of a hobby, you should take a look at our rotating list of cooking classes. Every week we offer sessions of themed cooking and baking classes. For example, every February we teach patrons how to create the perfect French macarons, and we offer lessons in Indian cooking just in time for the Holi celebration. 

These classes are not a long-term commitment like our professional course, which makes them perfect for a date night or an evening spent with friends. They provide the opportunity to have a lot of fun while building your cooking confidence. From basic knife skills to preparing a hand-crafted lasagna, we offer it all at our culinary school near Kearns, UT.

If you are interested in making your culinary learning experience even more interesting, we have another option. We rent out our kitchens and the supplies inside for truly unique events. If you want to make your next family reunion or bridal shower the talk of the town, consider hosting it in our space. A member of our team will host the teaching element of the experience, so all that’s left for you to do is have a great time. 

A Culinary School Unlike Any Other

If cooking isn’t your passion and you don’t have a desire to learn, that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying excellent food. For this reason, our culinary school near Kearns, UT doesn’t just offer teaching opportunities. We also provide catering services to make your next even a scrumptious success. Planning an event is exhausting, and with so many things to keep track of, sometimes it is nice to have someone else handle the food. We are happy to help.

Our culinary school provides many kinds of culinary educational and catering opportunities: 

  • Private Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Reception and Rentals
  • Competitions 
  • Online Cooking Classes

For cooking classes or catering services at your next event, give us a call today.

Culinary School Near Kearns, UT Culinary School Near Kearns, UT

Kearns, UT is classified as a metro township in Salt Lake County, Utah. The township covers only 4.63 square miles, and the population in 2020 was just shy of 37,000. The area sits comfortably on the western side of the Salt Lake Valley and West Bench, and residents will be happy to know that Salt Lake Culinary Education is less than a 20 minute drive away.

Kerns was named in honor of Utah’s Senator Thomas Kearns who was in office at the turn of the twentieth century. The area started as a training facility for the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. A more recent claim to fame is the Utah Olympic Oval, an indoor speed skating rink built when the Winter Olympics came to Utah in 2002. Kearns residents know that progress marches on, so the opportunity to improve culinary skills at a culinary school near Kearns, UT is sure to be a bit hit.

Why Choose Salt Lake Culinary Education? 

The opportunity to improve vital skills and to pursue your dreams is not one to be taken lightly. At Salt Lake Culinary Education, we want to give the people of Kearns that opportunity. That is why we offer the best culinary school near Kearns, UT. The variety of learning venues we provide alone sets us apart, and in addition to it the quality of our teaching cannot be matched.

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