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Culinary School Near Eagle Mountain, UT

Culinary School Near Eagle Mountain, UT

There is a reason why “what is your favorite food” is a tried and true icebreaker question. Food is something we can all agree on. While we all have different tastes, our preferences do not negate the fact that everyone needs, and to some extent, loves food. In a similar way, everyone differs at least a little on how they feel about preparing food. Some prefer not to venture near the stove, while others find real fulfillment in culinary creation. Our culinary school near Eagle Mountain takes great steps to cater to all levels of interest.

Enjoying the Process Culinary School Near Eagle Mountain, UT

If you are the kind of person that gets a thrill from crafting the perfect omelet or crème brûlée, it is time to take that love to the next level. Our culinary school near Eagle Mountain, UT offers two primary options for those who want to improve their cooking skills. If you want to focus on a specific skill or preparing a specific dish, perhaps with people you already know, we recommend you join us for our themed cooking classes. If you have dreams of turning your love of cooking into a career, our professional cooking course is for you.

Our cooking and baking classes are an outlet to hone your cooking skills in a pressure-less and fun environment. Every week we offer classes based on different themes: clean eating, Italian food, pie palooza, you name it. These classes provide a unique opportunity to bring a date or a few friends or even to meet some new like-minded people while building on your skillset and making something tasty to boot. 

Our professional cooking course also provides a space to meet people with similar interests, but instead of a night of fun, the course covers 12 weeks of comprehensive culinary education. We cover everything from basic knife skills to how to forge contacts in the restaurant industry, and upon graduation, our students receive a nationally recognized certification that can help them get a job in the field right out of the gate. 

Beyond the Kitchen

At our culinary school near Eagle Mountain, we know that sometimes you need someone to take the edge off of preparing food. If you are hosting an event, let us manage the catering so you can enjoy the festivities without worrying about the food. We’ll provide delicious fare for your guests that meets your preferences.

If you want something that will really set your event apart, we have an option that combines the effortlessness of catering with the joy of making food together. Our culinary school near Eagle Mountain is unique in providing both rentals and cooking events. Consider hosting your next event in one of our kitchens, allowing you access to our equipment and our expertise. Let your guests have a business retreat or bridal shower to remember as they learn from one of our professionals. If you prefer to host your event closer to home, we’ll come to you.

Our culinary school provides many kinds of culinary educational and catering opportunities: 

  • Private Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Reception and Rentals
  • Competitions 
  • Online Cooking Classes

For cooking classes or catering services at your next event, give us a call today.

Culinary School Near Eagle Mountain, UT Culinary School Near Eagle Mountain, UT

Located on the western border of Utah County, Eagle Mountain, UT is a charming place to settle down. Since it was incorporated at the end of 1996, the city has grown to approximately 50,000 while still maintaining the feeling of a neighborhood. It provides an opportunity to step away from the bustle of the Orem-Provo gauntlet while still remaining close enough to enjoy the benefits of the metropolitan area. 

Eagle Mountain has a lot to offer. It possesses a wealth of natural beauty, including Utah Lake, a popular spot for boating and bird watching, and the Lake Mountains in the otherwise flat Cedar Valley. The Lake Mountains provide ample opportunities for mountain biking and hiking in addition to a family-friendly tube run or zipline down the slope. Not too far from its base, visitors can view rock art petroglyphs carved 1,800 years ago by the Fremont Indians. There is also a site along the original Pony Express trail. For something a little bolder, Mountain Ranch Bike Park features a single track network, two slopestyle tracks, a jump line, and a skills area with both pump track and wood features.

Why Choose Salt Lake Culinary Education? 

Eagle Mountain residents looking for a culinary school near Eagle Mountain will be happy to know that Salt Lake Culinary Education is only 35 miles from the heart of the city. We are happy to come down south to make your next event memorable, and if you are looking for a night out, we provide no end of variety. Perhaps more importantly, we are dedicated to helping you pursue your culinary aspirations. To begin on your culinary journey, give us a call today.

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