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Serves 8


  • 1 eggplant
  • 5 roma tomatoes
  • 2 yellow squashes
  • 2 zucchinis


  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 2 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 red bell pepper, diced
  • 1 yellow bell pepper, diced
  • 1 teaspoon red wine or balsamic vinegar
  • 28 ounces crushed tomatoes
  • 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoons chili flake
  • 1 teaspoon red wine or balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


  • 3 tablespoons fresh basil, finely chopped
  • 1 teaspoons garlic, minced
  • 3 tablespoons fresh parsley, finely chopped
  • 3 teaspoons fresh thyme
  • 6 tablespoons olive oil
  • Salt and pepper, to taste

1. Preheat oven to 375˚F.
2. Slice the tomatoes, squash, and zucchini into 1/8″ rounds. Slice the eggplant into 1/8″ rounds, then into halves or quarters depending on how large your eggplant is. (You just want the slices to be similar in size to the other veggies.) Set your veggies aside on a tray.
3. Make the sauce: heat the olive oil in a large saucepan or deep skillet. Sauté the onion and bell peppers until soft, adding the garlic for the last minute of cooking. Season with salt, pepper, and chili flake. Deglaze pan with wine or vinegar, then add the crushed tomatoes and sugar. Simmer the ingredients for about 15 minutes, until the mixture has reduced slightly and the tomatoes taste less acidic. Remove from heat, then stir in the basil.

4. Make the herb seasoning: In a small bowl, whisk together the basil, garlic, parsley, thyme, salt, pepper, and olive oil with a fork. 5. Assembly: Pour sauce into a 12-inch cast iron skillet or a medium casserole dish, spreading evenly and smoothing the surface with a spatula or spoon. Arrange the sliced veggies in an alternating pattern on top of the sauce, circling from the outer edge to the middle of the pan. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle the herb seasoning evenly over the dish.

6. Cover the pan with foil and bake for 40 minutes. Uncover, then bake for another 15-20 minutes, until the vegetables are softened and slightly browned. Serve hot, topped with freshly grated parmesan if desired.

By Chef Kait Hazelhurst

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