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In just 12 short weeks, you’ll be ready to walk onto the line, in any professional kitchen or restaurant, anywhere in the world. Our professional culinary school will help you no matter what kind of chef you want to become. Our local Utah chefs will help make your cooking dreams come true. Apply now for our culinary cooking school tuition here in Utah and launch your cooking career.

Salt Lake Culinary Education Salt Lake City Utah cooking classes

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Salt Lake Culinary School Curriculum  

  • Certified Cooking School Instructors
  • 180 hours of hands-on kitchen lab time
  • 55 hours of lecture and demonstration time
  • 40 hours of mini-internship time in working kitchens and networking with industry professionals
  • 25 hours of dedicated recipe planning, break down, and implementation
  • 15 hours of in-the-field connections with local culinary artisans and food purveyors
  • Extracurricular activities above and beyond the core curriculum are available and encouraged
Utah Salt Lake City online cooking classes Salt Lake Culinary Education
Salt Lake Culinary Education Salt Lake City Utah professional course

“I looked at other culinary schools but all of their programs were too long and I just didn’t have the time... This program looked like it had the shortest timeline and offered to teach me more skills than other schools. Having the Certified Fundamentals Cook Certificate gave me a head start on my culinary career, and I was able to jump right into a prep chef position without having to work my way up. My boss knows that I have the skills and knowledge to do my job well.

I really felt supported by Rich, Diane and the rest of their team. I know they have my back and want me to succeed... I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience at SLICE.”

-Melissa, Certifed Fundamentals Cook™

Admissions Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Food handler’s permit
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Interview with SLICE directors
  • Non-refundable enrollment fee $60

No prior culinary experience required. Message for assistance with these requirements.

Utah Culinary School Details

Tuition includes:

  • 12 Week In-Person Culinary School
  • 1 “On Cooking” Textbook
  • Unlimited Access to the SLICE online video library of Cooking Tutorials & Recipes
  • 2 Custom Embroidered Chef Coats
  • 1 Pair of Fitted Kitchen Pants
  • 1 Chef’s Kitchen Beanie
  • 1 (7 piece) Wüsthof Knife Roll
  • 1 Thermoworks instant read thermometer
  • American Culinary Federation proctored and practical exam fees
Financing available for qualified students.

Culinary Skill Development

  • Recipe concepting and development
  • Menu creation strategies
  • Pricing systems and kitchen profitability
  • Kitchen organization and management
  • Industry networking and relationship building skills

SLICE offers the fastest, most affordable path to a professional culinary arts certificate

  • No unnecessary classes or counting credit hours
  • Centrally-located learning center in Salt Lake City
  • Nationally-recognized certificate
  • American Culinary Federation™ approved program
  • Most affordable ACF certificate program in Utah
  • Financing available to qualified students
If you’re passionate about food and want to be a Certified Culinary Professional, apply today!
Salt Lake Culinary Education Salt Lake City Utah cooking classes
Salt Lake Culinary Education Salt Lake City Utah professional course

“I wanted to pursue a real culinary education for the past 6 years, but could never find the time or justify the cost for an international school... So many of them required too much time, cost too much, or needed me to temporarily move to attend their culinary programs. When I found the SLICE program, I enrolled immediately.

Chef Greg is amazing. He is very available and really listens and responds thoughtfully... The SLICE program really delivers on its value, and I feel lucky to have found them. I feel qualified and capable of walking into any professional kitchen, and I’m not sure I’d feel the same way if I went to a different school.“

-Kym, Current Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Professional Certification in the Culinary Arts program is $9,800. It includes all of the equipment, materials, books, knives, and uniforms required for the program.

The Professional Certificate in Culinary Arts program takes 12 weeks to complete. 

During the 12 week program, students get hands-on instruction, classroom education, real-world kitchen experience, networking opportunities with local food purveyors and restauranteurs, and additional opportunities for additional off-site experiences.

The primary differences between a culinary arts certificate and a culinary arts diploma are the length of time required and tuition costs.

Certificates and diplomas are suited for different kinds of students:

  • A culinary arts certificate is ideal for the student who wants an affordable professional-level culinary education in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • A culinary arts diploma is better suited for the student who wants additional classes such as Elements of Effective Communication and Human Relations, has 2 or 4 years to invest, and up to $60,000 to spend on a culinary degree.

Many culinary institutes offer school-based certification programs, but we offer certification from the ACF, a nationally-recognized organization with well-known standards for culinary excellence. 

ACF certification is a standard of professional competency and a symbol of professionalism. It carries more credibility than just a certificate from a local culinary institute.

We offer our professional culinary institute students the opportunity to acquire the ACF CC® – Certified Culinarian® certification or the ACF CFC® – Certified Fundamentals Cook® Certificates. The cost for our students to take the proctored written and practical exams for either of these programs is included in the program.

For any financing questions you may have, please email so that we can better assist you. 

Whether you want to become a professional chef, food and beverage director, start a restaurant or food truck, write a cookbook, or impress your family and friends with your culinary skills, there are many opportunities to use your culinary education after graduation.

There is a shortage of qualified culinarians in Utah, and we’re approached every week by potential employers, looking for qualified and eager employees.

We provide our students with networking opportunities and introductions during their education to help provide them with options and opportunities for their careers after graduation.

To date, every professional culinary institute graduate who wanted a culinary position received an offer of employment.

  • Download and complete an application
  • Verify your high school graduation or GED status
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • $60 non-refundable application fee
  • Enrollment interview with the SLICE Institute Director and/or Chef Instructors

We do not offer an online culinary arts education program, but we have online classes and tutorials to supplement your in-person education. 

It’s our position that culinary education is best in a face-to-face, knife-to-block environment. In-person instruction creates the best opportunity for learning the correct culinary skills and techniques. Online culinary school also prevents students from opportunities to network and test out their skills in live kitchens.

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Your health and safety are extremely important to us.

We are taking every precaution to ensure a safe and sanitary kitchen and classroom environment. We regularly clean and disinfect our facility throughout the day and class sizes are currently limited to practice proper distancing. All staff is required to wear a face mask. We are doing everything we can to keep our guests and SLICE team safe, and are asking for your help with these additional precautions:

  • Upon arrival, you will sign in and have your temperature taken at the front desk. Any guests with a temperature over 100 degrees will be asked to go home.
  • You will be required to wear a face mask and gloves during the prep and cooking segments of class. You will be allowed to remove your face mask once you are seated at a dining table.
  • Please wash your hands upon arrival and after touching your phone, your face, door handles, and other surfaces outside of the kitchen.