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Culinary School Near Layton, UT

Culinary School Near Layton, UT 

Nothing brings people together like food. Everyone has to eat, and enjoying doing so is a pretty common human trait. With cooking classes at our Salt Lake-based culinary school, you can improve your culinary abilities, learn new recipes, and make like-minded friends. Whether you are looking to meet new people as you craft culinary masterpieces or you want to do so with your own friends, we can support you in your culinary goals.

More Than Just a Culinary School culinary school

Salt Lake Culinary Education is unique in many ways, and a few of them revolve around the ways we offer cooking classes. If you’re something of a homebody, we’ve got you covered. We offer online cooking classes that are just as informative and easy to follow as any in-person class. You can craft culinary delights in the comfort of your own home.

For those who enjoy stepping out of the house, exploring new venues, and meeting new people, our culinary school offers cooking and baking classes at our Salt Lake-based kitchen. Students can enroll in our nationally recognized 12-week professional course or swing by for themed classes, like our pasta-centric date night or our junior chefs cozy cooking experience. Available options change every month, so keep an eye out for fare that sounds fun to you.

If you need something to make a party or event unforgettable, why not bring the squad to Salt Lake Culinary Education? If you have a foodie bride or an on-going extended family rivalry on whose chili is best, professional group cooking classes may be the best way to set your event apart and forge better and stronger relationships as people bond over our shared love of food. 

Depending on the kind of gathering you want to host, you can expect a full pantry at your disposal, private cooking instruction, and all the tools you need to succeed. Whether it be a corporate team-building exercise, a family reunion, or a wedding reception, expect an evening of laughter, fun, and satisfied taste buds. 

Catering and Cooking Classes? Cool!

Whether you’re a novice in the cooking world or a Michelin critic, Salt Lake Culinary Education has something for you. In addition to hosting cooking classes all along the Wasatch Front and over the internet, we also provide catering services. If you need to cater an event, we know you’re looking for only the best. We can deliver on that expectation. 

Our culinary school provides many kinds of culinary educational and catering opportunities: 

  • Private Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Reception and Rentals
  • Competitions 
  • Online Cooking Classes

For cooking classes or catering services at your next event, give us a call today.

Layton, UT Culinary School culinary school

Located in the heart of Davis County, Layton, UT is a mid-sized city, with population estimates of 83,291 in 2021. It is the most populous city in the county and the ninth most populous in Utah. It was originally settled in the 1850s as an outgrowth of Kaysville, but since then it has outstripped the small city as a major commercial and residential area. The formation of Hill Air Force Base, to which Layton is immediately adjacent, led to an explosion in the population when the United States entered World War II.

15 miles south of Ogden and 25 miles north of Salt Lake City (and Salt Lake Culinary Education), Layton is in a convenient spot, even if it weren’t a hub of its own. It has its own Frontrunner stop and a Weber State University satellite campus. In addition to the two public high schools—Layton and Northridge—within its borders, Layton also hosts the Northern Utah Academy of Math, Engineering & Science—NUAMES. The early college charter high school works in partnership with Weber State University.

Layton is home to the Layton Hills Mall, other chain and boutique shopping, and access to Adams Canyon. Hikers have 3.7 miles out and back of good trail at their disposal, and campers have a picturesque spot not too far from civilization. For those who love to eat or to learn, a 30 minute drive to Salt Lake Culinary Education is totally worth it.

Why Choose Salt Lake Culinary Education? 

Food is one of the good things in life. Salt Lake Culinary Education’s superior culinary school allows you to tap into resources and training that can improve your experiences with food, both eating and creating. You can become more culinarily self-sufficient, confident, and skilled, and with friends at your side, the experience is sure to be one that you remember forever.

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