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6 Essential Tips For Planning A Fun Work Party

tips for planning a work party

Planning a fun work party that your team will enjoy can feel like a monumental task, especially if you’re trying to create an environment that caters to different backgrounds, tastes, and interests. But don’t worry! With the right strategies in place, you can create an event that will make a lasting impression, bring everyone closer together and be something they’ll talk about long after it’s over.

Here are 6 of our best tips to planning an epic off-site office party:

1. Consider a Team-Building Cooking Class

If you’re thinking about an interactive and innovative way to get your team together, why not book a team building cooking class at Salt Lake Culinary Education (SLICE)? It’s not your average “trust fall” team building activity, and definitely a creative and refreshing way to build camaraderie in an engaging and inclusive environment.

Our cooking classes cater to everyone, regardless of individual skill level or physical ability. Team building cooking classes are an exercise in collaboration, which means everyone works together towards a common goal. This ultimately encourages value and respect for each team member’s contributions.

SLICE offers a bespoke cooking experience, accommodating different dietary needs and culinary interests. Whether it’s learning the art of sushi making, or cooking the perfect steak, your team will learn exciting skills in a relaxed and fun environment. Each class is guided by professional chefs, and your team members will walk away feeling accomplished and ready to try their new skills in their own kitchen.

What about skills that they can take back to the office? Cooking promotes creativity and cooperation, with real world application of task delegation, problem solving and effective communication, all within a fun setting. Don’t be surprised as you watch “Dan from Accounting” turn into “Dan the Masterchef!”

Oh, and we handle all the logistics too. From workstation setup to ingredient prep, scheduling, and even all the dishes. All your team needs to do is show up ready for a fun event, and we’ll take it from there. And the best part? The meal everyone prepares becomes the star of the show.

2. Involve Your Team in the Planning Process

Think about the best event you’ve ever attended—what made it stand out to you? Often it’s a personal touch or a specific theme that resonates with people.

At Salt Lake Culinary Education, we often see that the most successful events are the ones where the team plays a central role in the planning. Imagine the excitement your coworkers could have if they got to choose between a ‘MasterChef Challenge’ or an ‘80’s ‘Miami Vice’ themed team building event! Or maybe there’s a local charity that you’d like to support, and they can easily rally behind it too.

By involving your team in the planning stages for your work party, you’re not only ensuring that more of your coworkers will attend, but also you’re helping to foster a sense of pride, community, and teamwork.

3. Communicate Early and Often

If you’ve chosen the perfect venue (hint: Salt Lake Culinary Education has fantastic spaces for any event), and have all the details of the evening planned out, how do you make sure everyone in the office marks their calendars and is as excited to show up as you are?

Communication is key. You can send out save-the-date invitations as soon as the day and time is locked down, and follow up with regular reminders through different channels like email, Slack, and even notices posted in the break room.

Include fun tidbits of information like what to expect—a sneak peek of the evening’s menu, or hints about the activities planned. Create some buzz about the event, and build anticipation with your crew!

4. Encourage a Sense of Community

Have you noticed how food always brings people together? We see that all the time when local businesses book our venue for team building cooking classes. There are countless moments where we’ve witnessed bonds being forged between coworkers while learning culinary skills, and it’s often better than any run-of-the-mill team building activity out there.

But whether it’s through food or fun activities, the main goal of your event should be to help create a sense of community with your employees.

We know there are some tangible benefits to team building activities, especially when it’s integrated with a cooking class:

Improve communication: Cooking together gets people interacting with those they may not have regular contact with in the office.
Encourage creativity: Challenges within a new setting can spur innovative solutions and problem solving skills.
Identify leaders: See who rises to the challenge when team members learn to rely on each other.

5. Acknowledge and Reward

As everyone enjoys the chef-prepared dessert after the team building cooking class, your company leaders can use this relaxed time to encourage feedback, discuss specific achievements, and, most importantly, express gratitude. This can help foster a culture of appreciation by recognizing efforts both in the kitchen and back at the workplace.

Cooking as a team building event is not solely about the food, but recognizing individual strengths, celebrating collective accomplishments, and creating an atmosphere of fun, mutual respect and gratitude for everyone’s contributions.

6. Create an Inclusive Atmosphere

A work party should be an event where everyone feels comfortable, appreciated, and included. This means taking everyone’s needs and preferences into consideration when you’re in the planning stages. Are there any dietary restrictions to consider during the dinner or drinks portion? Can the space accommodate those with physical limitations? What about setting aside some quieter areas where introverts can “recharge their batteries”?

Even though the work party can take place outside of business hours, the event is still an extension of your business so keep these things in mind.

Remember, the goal of a work party is to foster a positive culture, celebrate employee achievements, and build stronger relationships. With these six tips, planning an office party can be a stress free, enjoyable experience. So get to planning, and let the fun begin!

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