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Top 5 Reasons to Choose A Cooking Class For Your Next Team Building Activity

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Choose a Cooking Class for Your Next Team Building Activity 

It’s common practice in the modern age for employers to organize team building outings for their staff – if you’ve worked in any sort of team setting, there’s a good chance you’ve done a “trust fall” or two. Team building exercises help you get to know and learn to collaborate with coworkers. They can be a great break from the monotony of the cubicle setting, but sometimes the activities themselves can become a bit stale. If you’ve been tasked with planning the next team building activity for your office, consider booking a cooking class like the group classes we offer here at SLICE to mix things up!

Here’s why you should plan a cooking class for your next team building event – 
  1. Cooking is accessible. Unlike axe throwing or kickball, cooking classes can accommodate virtually anyone – regardless of athletic ability or physical limitations. When cooking, everyone is able to contribute one way or another to the common goal. It’s always a great idea to show your employees that their different needs and abilities are valued, rather than catering only to the competitive minds or athletic bodies of the office. While you’re definitely welcome to bring the spirit of healthy competition to your cooking class, the kitchen is for everyone! 
  2. Cooking classes are a customizable experience. Whether you want to learn to cook perfect steaks or make pasta from scratch, we can help you choose a menu your team will enjoy. It’s likely that there are culinary skills none of your employees have but many would love to learn! We can teach you how to toss pizza dough, how to roll sushi, or how to flambé and impress your friends. Even if it sounds a little intimidating, don’t fret, our professional team of chef instructors is here to guide you every step of the way so that you leave feeling accomplished and ready to try new things in your home kitchen! We can even accommodate dietary needs and allergies to make sure the menu is a perfect fit for you and your guests. 
  3. Cooking fosters both cooperation and creativity. Being tasked with cooking as a group means putting to use all the skills your team needs in the workplace – problem solving, assigning tasks, and good communication – all while having fun. It is a great way to challenge your team and bring them closer together at the same time. It’s also a blast to see the creativity that goes into everyone’s final dishes; don’t be surprised if Dave the Dentist becomes Dave the Artist when it comes to beautifully plating his final dish! 
  4. We do the heavy lifting. When you choose a cooking class from SLICE for a team building activity, the mental load is minimal. You let us know how many attendees to expect, the menu you’re interested in, and any dietary restrictions to accommodate, then show up (in closed-toed shoes, please!) ready to enjoy an evening with your coworkers. Our staff preps the ingredients, the workstations, and the schedule to ensure the night runs smoothly and you get to focus on the fun part. And the cherry on top? You won’t have to worry about any dishes.
  5. Possibly the best reason to choose a cooking class for your team building activity? The food! When the food is the event, you don’t have to make a separate plan for a team dinner. And when dinner is made by your own hands at SLICE, it’s sure to be a delicious, well-deserved meal. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with your team, accompanied by a glass of wine and a chef-prepared dessert. 

If a night of gourmet food and creative flair sounds like a fun way to build connections in your workplace, call us at 801-464-0113, email us at events@sliceutah.com, or fill out our event request form online today to get your team building cooking class scheduled

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