Culinary Arts Education Comparison Guide

Compare Your Utah and Regional Culinary Education Options



Finding the right culinary education program can be challenging if you don’t know how the culinary arts programs compare.


Culinary Arts Certificate and Culinary Arts diploma programs often share a lot of the same curriculum, and both offer a lot of hands-on learning opportunities.

The culinary certificate programs shine when you need a cost and time-efficient education so you can start reaching your culinary goals, without spending time on classes that may not be essential to your career plans.

Most diploma programs require at least two years to complete. Our certification program takes only 12-weeks.

Before you enroll in a culinary education program, it’s essential to ask yourself the following questions to help guide your decision:


  • How much time am I willing to spend on my education? Do I have up to four years to invest, or do I need a much shorter program?
  • How much money is reasonable for me to spend on my culinary education? What’s the smart return on my educational investment?
  • Am I willing to relocate for culinary school? Am I willing to relocate to attend culinary schools when there’s an ACF Recognized Quality program here in Salt Lake City? 
  • What do I want to do with my culinary education? Do I want to work in a restaurant? Launch a food truck? Become a personal chef? Write a cookbook? Impress my friends and family with my culinary skills?


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Did You Know We Offer an Intro to Culinary School Workshop?

In just 2 hours we’ll give you a taste of what culinary school is really like.

During the Intro to Culinary School Workshop you’ll learn:

– Kitchen etiquette and safety

– Basic knife skills 

– The safe way to cut root veggies 

– Salad dressing composition 

– Green salad prep

– Meal plating and presentation

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